Gallery visits today

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Popped in to see lovely Poppy Sebire to say congrats & goodbye & see her fab last show;

Followed by William Klein & Daido Moriyama at Tate which was great:

And the ‘A Bigger Splash: Painting after Performance’ show which one of my favourite artists described as ‘camp as tits’ which I’d have to agree, for example:

Marc Camille Chaimowicz

Joan Jonas

Karen Kliminik

Still, lovely to see all the references to Mel Brimfield’s work in one show!

Followed this with a nice preview of Crash at Charlie Dutton & particularly nice to meet lots of the artists I selected!

Favourite painting was by Geraldine Swayne..on my Christmas list!

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Gallery visits

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Mammoth gallery tour started with excellent Shana Moulton at Gimpel Fils

The films were great and good to see her alter ego in full psychedelic force! Liked the sculptures and collages too but not so sure about the soft bodied figures who appear in the video, but I guess their weird pathetic performative quality helps penetrate the space..

Giuseppe Penone’s thorny smiling clouds at Gagosian reminded me of Eddie Peake’s brilliant 80s spray painted smiley canvases..

Kiki Smith was up to her dark nature self at Timothy Taylor but with new tapestries, paintings, sculpture & wall reliefs..

Kobi Israel at Hamiltons were pathways to somewhere/nowhere..

Looking and being observed was the order of the day for brilliant Raymond Pettibon at Sadie Coles..

It was a mans world; war, sport, strip clubs, the moon, ‘men look hard and cold, like men who have just had their toes chopped off, but who are too stoic to scream’..fantasticly revealing texts, catch it if you can, it’s worth the trip

Heinous Zobernig at Simon Lee Gallery were competent but didn’t cut me deep..

Advert, Insert, Cover, Headline at Bischoff Weiss was a nice caffeine injection to follow with..liked Jeremy Deller & Adam McEwen..

David Zwirners Luc Tuymans show gave enough food for thought..the specture infused still lives resonated and the Gaugin paintings seem pertinent given the artists career stage but didn’t have the bite we’ve come to expect from Tuymans..

Popped into Marlborough and
Agnews briefly..

Isa Genzken at Hauser & Wirth rocked..loved her self portrait interjections and love hate relationship with contemporary culture..sensory overload modernist mayhem..

Shoot Existential Photography was an interesting take on a fairground phenomenon with some great works..Christian Marclay was brilliant as ever..

My Godson Archie hit the bullseye and bagged himself an artwork – a photo of himself shooting himself against a pink background which was rather special!

Tom Wood’s show also resonated particularly due to the works taken in Liverpool..

Justin Mortimer at Haunch of Venison were disturbing…

Oleg Kulik at Regina had an interesting take on being fucked by the state as he became at one with Russian nature, literally bedding himself into the countryside – loving and being made love to by a whole host of willing and slightly less willing creatures, including mounting a sheep, a pig gobbling his penis & a small(?) squirrel balancing on his member..his acting the dog naked via a metal chain leash on the streets may seem literal but then highlighting such extreme regimes may not need subtlety..

The Rothkos at Pace were remarkable and seemed somehow more contemporary than the colour field works..

Sarah Lucas at Sadie Coles include some good new works and I’ve enjoyed seeing her work develop in this project space..

Laura Owens at Sadie Coles next door was amazing..definitely recommend seeing this new work…

Finished the day with a special pre-preview of Eleanor Moreton’s exhibition at our gallery, which opens tonight..I See the Bones in the River runs until 15 December and the reception last night bodes well for her, and rightly so – there are 30 new paintings in the show which reflect her extraordinary range and line of enquiry..we sold one of my favourites, but others I particularly like include The Resistors, The Collector 1, Looking for R series and The Lonely Men of Arizona and Sisters and The Hungry Ghosts..darn it they are all great, but please come and see for yourself!

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Tate Modern Tanks preview

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Great enthusiasm for performance tonight at the launch of Tate Modern tanks..

Spoke to Kate Brindley from MIMA, Alistair Hudson from Grizedale Arts, Karen McKinnon from Glyn Vivian, Mark Wallinger, Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard, Jordan MckKenzie, Helen Pheby & Claire Lilley from Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Nick Serota, Michael Stanley Director from Oxford Moma, Christoph Grunenberg from Kunsthalle Bremen (formerly of Tate Liverpool), artist Katriona Beales, Andrea Nixon from Tate Liverpool & artist Gina Czarnecki..from afar Jon Snow, Michael Craig-Martin, Joan Bakewell, Kodwo Eshun..

Kate Brindley & Christoph Grunenberg

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker
Fase: Four Movements to the Music of Steve Reich;


Jordan McKenzie, Helen Pheby, Steven Bode..

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Previews tonight

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Dropped in to see Jonathan Vyner’s preview of Nicolas Deshayes tonight..the smell of resin was overpoweringly seductive/suffocating depending which side of the fence you fall on..

Saw Anita Zabludowicz & lovely artist Melissa Jordan & also Lucy Macdonald, who currently works for MOT..

Then went to see Danielle, Marie & Tony of Nettie Horn who were opening their great new space at Riding House Street..

Bumped into wonderful Paul Hobson who told us all about Contemporary Art Society’s exciting new space due to launch in September..met artist Jamie Lau who is preparing for his Slade MA show & saw the indefatiguable Paul Carey-Kent who had an impressive range of shows already tucked under his belt by 9pm..check out his blogfor a taster of just how committed he is!

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More gallery visits

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Visited Catlin Art Prize today & was great to see Jonny Briggs still storming ahead one year after graduating..liked Tom Howse’s paintings..

Interesting Michael Portnoy show at Ibid Projects..the audio inside these carrot photos was great!

Also popped in to White Cube to see seductive but kinda familiar works by Liza Lou..

Then popped in to Hales Gallery too to see Occupy Everything, KennardPhillips:

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Gallery visits few Fridays ago

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Had a lovely day Friday visiting Arcade, Ancient & Modern, Madder 139, Victoria Miro & Parasol Unit.

Linda Aloysius at Madder139

Maria Zahle at Arcade

Stan Douglas at Victoria Miro..serious gallery envy!!

Then went to meet with new Gallery Assistant intern before going for dinner with gallery artist Rebecca Lennon & her lovely flat mate & artist Tessa Power. Fantastic food & great company – and lovely flat!

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